Saturday, February 26, 2011

The crazy things Kylie says....

Of all things I love about being a mother the things that come out of Kylie's mouth make me smile the most. My recent favorites:

I was trying to open up a pack of pull ups and was having a hard time. Without missing a beat Kylie stopped, looked up at me, and said "Need a knife momma?" She is SO Bo's daughter!!

Today was one that even made Bo just stop and look at her. I've been sick all week and Bo and I have both been working long hours. We were in the car headed to check on the vacant homes my company holds and Kylie had been very quiet in the back seat. When we asked her what was wrong she said, "You need a break momma. Go home and let's be comfy."

She can always bring a smile to my face!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starting Out

With so many of my family members blogging to keep in touch I have decided to give it a shot.

Kylie is officially 2 1/2 years old and I don't know how that happened. It still feels like I just brought her home from the hospital sometimes.

Bo is busy at work and adjusting to being a NCO now. It means less time turning the wrenches as he puts it and he doesn't like that. He cares about his soldiers though, even when he pretends not to. They seem impressed with him. He heads to ALC school for 6 weeks in May and then will most likely be going to the E6 board to earn his next promotion. He says he's not ready but I don't believe him, and I don't think his higher ups do either.

I have been at my job for almost a year now. It seems to change daily. My boss continues to tell me she has all the faith in me but some days I wish she had less. I always manage to accomplish everything she wants but it often comes at a high stress level with a lot of hours, neither of which is conducive to being an Army wife or a mother of a toddler. We are working it out though, I'm sure it's not easy for any family that both parents work. I've been doing accounting but my boss is talking more and more about moving me into the full time role of property manager. Apparently, I'm good at it. It takes organization and a multi-tasker, which I can do....but it often times takes a strong ability to hold your tongue, which I'm struggling with. I don't know if I like the property management side of our company well enough to do it full time or not, but I guess if that's what my boss needs I'll figure it out.